LE(BIN) - Culture Collection of Basidiomycetes of the Komarov Botanical Institute, RAS

Contact Information:

Prof. Popov St. 2, St.-Petersburg, 197376, Russia
Tel.: (7-812) 234-84-30
Fax: +007 (812) 234-45-12
E-mail: kovalenko@glas.apc.org

Profile and services:

Over 1000 strains of fungi, mainly, basidiomycetes in the groups Hymenomycetes and Gasteromycetes. Active research on fungal taxonomy.

Acting as a depository within respective areas of specialization according to national guidelines
Contract services in identification, preservation; information offered
Training provided


Russian Language catalogue published
Catalogue are distributed on magnetic disks in MS-DOS format for personal computers
English version catalogue available on-line through WDCM WFCC and MSDN