VKM Catalogue

VKM No.F-4764
Scientific name of the strainPseudeurotium hygrophilum (Sogonov et al. 2005) Minnis et D.L. Lindner 2013
HistoryVKM IBPM, VKM FW-3311
Received asPseudeurotium hygrophilum
Source of isolationsoil from a constantly used tracked vehicle road rut near a diesel power station, Bellingshausen Station, soil pit LA57-Bl-04 (1) (road), depth 00,05 m
LocationKing George Island, Antarctica
Incubation temp. (C)25
Storage methodsC-8, F-1, S-5
Pathogenicity group (SanPin 3.3686-21, 28.01.2021, Russia)no

Updated 02/12/2022