VKM Catalogue

VKM No.B-1493
Scientific name of the strainCaulobacter vibrioides Henrici and Johnson 1935
SynonymCaulobacter crescentus Poindexter 1964
Other culture collection No.ATCC 15252; CIP 101123; DSM 4727; KCTC 3405; NCIMB 9787; VTT E-93495
HistoryAndreev LV. IBPM, CB 2 <-- Poindexter J.S. PHRI, CB 2
Received asCaulobacter crescentus Type
Source of isolationtap water
Incubation temp. (C)29
Storage methodsF-1, S-5, S-4
Pathogenicity group (SanPin 3.3686-21, 28.01.2021, Russia)no