Fungal DC. Table2 fragment selected

Fomitopsis rosea BelgiumMUCLWDCM308Mycotheque de l'Universite catholique de Louvain
Fomitopsis rosea CanadaCCFCWDCM150Canadian Collection of Fungal Cultures
Fomitopsis rosea CanadaUAMHWDCM73University of Alberta Microfungus Collection and Herbarium
Fomitopsis rosea CzechCCBASWDCM558Culture Collection of Basidiomycetes
Fomitopsis rosea NetherlandsCBSWDCM133Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures, Fungal and Yeast Collection
Fomitopsis rosea Russian FederationLE(BIN)
Komarov Botanical Instutute RAS, Basidiomycetes Culture Collection
Fomitopsis rosea Slovak RepublicCCWDF
Culture Collection of Wood-destroying Fungi
Fomitopsis rosea SwedenFCUGWDCM651Fungal Cultures University of Goteborg
Fomitopsis rosea SwedenUPSCWDCM603Uppsala University Culture Collection of Fungi
Fomitopsis rosea U.K.NCWRFWDCM134National Collection of Wood Rotting Fungi
Fomitopsis rosea U.S.A.ATCCWDCM1American Type Culture Collection

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